Dr Feelgood

ID: 2009
Canvey Island in Essex, was an unlikely birthplace for Britain's finest R&B band. Its bleak industrial skyline set against the cold waters of the Thames estuary, keeps it from inclusion in most holiday brochures but from said depths emerged the most exciting, dynamic band imaginable - DR FEELGOOD! punk, rock, blues, it's all in there. The brilliant band that spawned amazing, jagged records such as 'Roxette' 'She Does It Right' 'Milk And Alcohol' and so many more are hugely in demand today due to their live performances being as explosive and sharp as ever they were. The Old Courts are delighted to Welcome the boys to perform in The Grand Vault to wow our faithful followers. DR Feelgood fans won't miss this for the world but for those of you who are remarkably unaware, fans of blues, punk, harmonica, The Damned, The Pistols, The Buzzcocks etc etc etc will absolutely love this legendary outfit. Getting us warmed up for the main event, we're pleased to welcome Frank McHale's Permanent Brew and Liverpool's Shamona - both fitting supports to a top, top bill. ***************** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU508ybzTVI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sieeNzTPZw
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01/12/2017 19.30 to 23.45
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Event Coordinator Jess Rotherham
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Tickets £10 in advance / £12 on the door in The Grand Vault
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Gerrard Winstanley House
Crawford St