Community Wellbeing Course

This course will allow students to learn how to improve their digital skills using online services and improve their own mental wellbeing and attitude towards work.

Learners will begin to develop skills to help with effective job search, team building and helping around the community. The use of research, teamwork and practical activities will help learners to find a more positive approach towards work. This course includes personal topics such as budgeting and identifying own skill sets to support learners in finding a job.

Date and time

Monday 17th February, 2020

9:15am to 3:45pm


Sunshine House

Wellington Street



Pricing info

FREE to those on means tested benefits such as Universal Credit Otherwise course fees are £157.50

How to get there


Education Health

Mon 17th Feb, 9:15am - 3:45pm

Community Wellbeing Course

Workers Educational Association