Circles of Support Facilitator

We are looking for volunteers to become a Circle of Support Facilitator. This is a really exciting project which will give people experience and learning within the social care/charity sector. We ask that you dedicate 5 hours per month. Expenses are available.

‘Become part of Team Embrace and Volunteer for our Circles of Support Project’

• Circles of Support Facilitator:
o Get to know the person at the focus of your circle and identify topics of discussion for the circle.
o Arrange Circle gatherings and invite people to join you
o Facilitate conversations, encouraging all Circle members to give input
o Identify potential outcomes and develop a plan for the future of the focus person
o Build and nurture friendships & relationships
o Assign tasks to circle members to complete in between meetings, to create an action plan
o Keep in contact with circle members in between gatherings and offer support where needed

• Circles of Support Member:
o Get to know the person at the focus of the circle and other circle members
o Attend circle gatherings, providing input and ideas
o Offer support and creativity
o Complete actions assigned to you in between gatherings

What’s in it for me?
o Meet amazing people, make new friends and become part of a team
o Receive expenses
o A wide range of free training and receive certificates to improve your CV
o Make a difference to people’s lives and feel valued
o Flexible hours – approx. between 2 - 5 hours per month
o Embark upon a new adventure
o Learn new skills/improve your current skills:
• Leadership
• Management
• Organisational
• Working with people
• Communication
• Planning and prioritising

Please contact Nicole Robertson for more details – 01942 233323

Additional Information

Volunteering Type: Time

Hours Required: 5

Skill level: Unskilled


81 Ribble Road

Platt Bridge



Date & Time

Date: 15/02/2018

Start: 09:30

Finish: 16:00

How to get there



Circles of Support Facilitator